About City

City is a nonprofit agency that helps Detroit-area nonprofits and governments work together to solve local problems, and to mobilize funding in support of their work.

The agency was established in 2001 by local foundation and civic leaders, and has traditionally worked to solve issues affecting children, youth, and families; community health; and community development.

Since its founding, City has organized more than 40 community problem solving initiatives, and helped raise more than $115 million in support of their work. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy near Sherman Oaks The agency provides four primary services to the community:

Collaborative Facilitation – help for cross-sector groups to develop a common agenda, align their work, communicate, use data, advance policy, manage projects, and mobilize funding – especially through cultivation of funding relationships, grant writing, and donor stewardship activities.

Incubation of Innovative Change Initiatives – fiscal management and technical assistance to innovative community change initiatives with the potential to create positive community impact.

Intermediary Services – fiscal and project management, accountability, Alternative treatments for depression near Thousand Oaks and sub-granting support to grant makers and other funding organizations with an interest in supporting work in Detroit and Michigan.

Consulting – individual training and technical assistance for community-based change initiatives, especially around relationship building, collaboration, and fund development activities.

City provides platforms for community change,” says Dierk Hall, President and CEO of City . “We want to bring people together to solve local problems, and help them to find the resources they need to realize those solutions.”