Boone, Danielle

“What I love about Detroit is the fact that it is still the heart of endless possibilities, potential and greatness. Detroit is a passionate city that (with the proper development and leadership) could yet become influential, independent, sufficient, resourceful and, once again, reliable.”

Danielle Boone
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Buckhoy, Nikita

“I love Eastern Market – the energy, food, flowers, plants, personalities, and the sense of community!”

Nikita Buckhoy
Program Director

Cherry, Kate

“I love Detroit because it is, in many ways, the quintessential American big city. Detroit was first a frontier town; later, it became a center of productivity and commerce. Today, Detroit is re-imagining itself as a 21st century global community. There is no telling what the Detroit of tomorrow will hold.”

Kate Cherry
Program Director

Hall, Dierk L.

“I love Detroit because it is in the midst of a great transformation and a place where dreams can come true.”

Dierk L. Hall
President and CEO

Hayward, Shuna

“I love Detroit for the hope that it represents, and for the people that are determined to realize that hope.”

Shuna Hayward
Senior Program Director, Children, Youth, and Families

Murray, Catherine

“I love the entertainment, cultural diversity, and variety of things that you can do year round – festivals, Campus Martius, sports, etc.”

Catherine Murray
Financial Consultant

Myhand, Glenda

“I like Detroit because there are so many things to do culturally.”

Glenda Myhand
Chief Administrative Officer

Rose, Sharron

Sharron Rose
Financial Analyst

Smith, Angela

“Detroit is a resilient community full of hope and promise.”

Angela Smith
Program Associate