Year-Round Training Program Prepares Youth for Education and Career Success

Wayne Metro Community Action Agency recently announced that it will fund City Connect Detroit’s Young Adult Education and Employability Program (YAEEP) for the third consecutive year. The program has helped more than 300 Detroit youth prepare for school and work success in the past two years.

“We are so elated to partner with Wayne Metro on this initiative again in 2015-2016,” said Dierk Hall, President and CEO of City Connect Detroit.

“This program promotes academic and employment growth throughout the year, and in neighborhoods across the City of Detroit.”

The YAEEP program provides youth participants with six months of academic, employability, and life skills enrichment activities, followed by a paid summer work experience. Since its inception, 94 percent of youth have earned positive supervisor evaluations, and 93 percent have earned vocational and employment certifications.

Three quarters of all program participants demonstrate academic gains within the narrow timeframe of program evaluation.

“This work really builds on what we do in the summer with the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program,” added Mr. Hall.

“By managing this program, we are helping to address gaps in the system of youth employment opportunities and supports.”

Neighborhood-based program implementation for the YAEEP is provided by Alternatives for Girls, Detroit Community High School, Midnight Golf, The Youth Connection, SER Metro, Urban Neighborhoods Initiative, and the YMCA of Metro Detroit.

For more information about this initiative, contact Shuna Hayward at 313-967-5694 or