Community Health and Wellness

Community health and wellness is a primary focus area of work for City , as evidenced by the agency’s past and present portfolio of community health improvement initiatives.

In 2002, City began its work in this field by helping to organize, facilitate, and fundraise on behalf of the Detroit Community Partnership to Eliminate Lead Poisoning. That cross-sector community collaborative project developed a plan to reduce incidences of childhood lead poisoning in Detroit’s most lead-affected ZIP codes. With support from City , the collaborative secured a $1 million federal grant for this work and raised another $2 million in local matching funds. The collaborative was able to remediate dozens of homes in key areas of the city and form a permanent community capacity for change that lives on today.

More recently, City has partnered with health researchers at The University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University to facilitate equitable health-research in Detroit. The agency is currently active around two key health projects, focused on evaluating the efficacy of school-based health centers and developing and disseminating maternal-child health trainings for health practitioners in Wayne County, Michigan.

City ’s service array is well-positioned to further community health improvement on behalf of the community in the coming years. The agency links health researchers to local practitioners; convenes and facilitates community health-focused collaborations; identifies, cultivates, solicits, and provides stewardship in support of community health fundraising efforts; incubates community health nonprofits; and links health funders with quality local health initiatives.

For more information about City ’s services related to community health and wellness, contact Program Director Nikita Buckhoy today.