Public Policy

Decisions-made in city halls, state legislatures, and the federal Congress have far-reaching implications for community change initiatives in metro Detroit and Michigan. City is committed to understanding the dynamics of policy-making and infusing opportunities for two-way policy dialogues into its collaborative platforms and initiatives.

In its first decade of service to the community, City worked to connect policy-makers and practitioners by convening dialogues around pressing local issues and developing policy-recommendations for key stakeholders to pursue. For example, the agency helped organize an information technology plan for the City of Detroit in 2005 and was also a key convener of the Next Detroit campaign about that time. More recently, the agency organized a community group to assess needs related to Detroit’s out-of-school youth population and to develop a plan for greater engagement of this demographic audience. In 2011, City completed a report on the city’s youth employment needs, complete with public policy recommendations for local decision-makers to follow.

In the coming months, City will continue these kinds of activities, but will also seek to identify and implement new strategies for connecting policymakers and practitioners. The agency will partner with Michigan’s Children and other leading public policy organizations to better understand public policy decisions and to connect local decision-makers with policy¬† information to inform their work and encourage feedback in the policymaking process.

For more information about City ’s work in the area of public policy, contact Kate Cherry today.