Grow Detroit’s Young Talent

City Connect Detroit administers the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent fundraising campaign and youth employment program on behalf of the Detroit Youth Employment Consortium, a community collaborative comprised of more than thirty local stakeholders.

Begun in 2008, the collaborative coordinates youth employment opportunities for Detroit’s young people, who have among the highest unemployment rates in the nation. By organizing youth work opportunities, the collaborative hopes to improve outcomes for youth, both today and so that they can become mature workers tomorrow.

City Connect Detroit was asked to co-convene this collaborative with The Skillman Foundation in 2009. At that time, the agency was encouraged to seek and apply for federal Summer Youth Employment program funding, which had been rapidly up-scaled, due to the federal Recovery Act. City Connect Detroit secured those funds through a partnership with the City of Detroit and implemented the program in 2009 and 2010.

The Detroit Youth Employment Consortium remains focused on improving the employment situation for Detroit youth in the long term. Accordingly, the collaborative developed in 2009 a privately-funded youth employment program, known as Grow Detroit’s Young Talent. City Connect Detroit has since administered this program on behalf of the collaborative, securing nearly $7 million in funding support to place and subsidize nearly 5,000 young people with summer work exposure at local businesses and community organizations.

In 2014, City Connect Detroit plans to once again fundraise for and manage implementation of the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program, on behalf of the Detroit Youth Employment Consortium. To learn more about the program, visit its website here. To contribute to the program, click on the donate button in the upper-right hand corner of this web page.